Stained Concrete Kitchen Floors

When you start talking to people about concrete, the first thoughts that pop into their heads are the slabs under their homes or the decks outside. Some may even dream of having one of those luxurious concrete in-ground pools installed in their backyards. But more often than not, you’re not thinking about your living room or kitchen floor as the only practical uses you’ve seen with it are for building and outdoor surfaces. But what if I told you that you could have some beautiful stained concrete kitchen floors right in your own home that you would be thrilled about.

Yes, that same concrete that’s sitting right underneath your current linoleum or tiled floor right now could be changed to make a dramatic effect. Once you rip up all that old stuff and expose the concrete, it can be quickly brought back to life into a beautiful new floor. Just keep in mind that it will likely take you a bit to prepare it after that type of flooring has been installed and you’ll likely need to do some repair work before you can start.

But why would you want concrete floors?
Tons or reasons actually, but here’s a couple. First, concrete is typically cooler because it’s directly in contact with the ground and buried a little. This helps to keep your space cooler, and we all know how hot it can get in there at times. At one time or another, you are going to make a mess. With concrete, the cleanups a breeze. Just sweep, mop and your done. No worrying if your are going to damage it. Plus, concrete’s an allergen free flooring material. They won’t attract allergens like carpets or other plush materials.

Concrete stained kitchen floorNow, your concrete kitchen floor won’t stay that dull, gray color. A process called acid staining is used to get to the desired color. Unlike paint, acid actually changes the color of the concrete versus simply painting the surface. This is good because your new acid-stained concrete will not fade or chip like a normal painted surface. It’s a permanent solution.

In fact, you’ve got a lot of options when staining concrete to really give the floor a good design and style. For one, it doesn’t have to be a single color. You can actually use two different stains to give the floor some variety. You can even layout a sweet tiled or mosaic pattern and stain it so it doesn’t look like a solid piece. With acid-stained floors, you can mimic just about any other style of flooring on the market including slate, marble, tile and so much more.

Can I Stain The Floor Myself?

You can even acid stain the floor yourself as it’s relatively simple to do. However, if you are looking to get a little more intricate in the design and layout, it may be worth your time and money to get it done by a professional. Remember, this stuff is not like paint that can be chipped away and done again, it’s permanent.

After the floor has been stained, what either you or the contractor will need to do is apply a layer of wax and then another coat of sealant. This will lock the floors in and give its finished acid-stained a full and rich look. Maintenance is easy as all you’ll need to do is sweep and mop it and then just every once in a while give it a good polishing.

How Much Does Acid Staining Concrete Floors Cost?
The costs involved for staining a concrete kitchen floor is actually very reasonable. Dependent on what type of sealants and stains are used and whether you or a contractor is doing the job, you are typically looking at about $3 to $10 dollars per square foot. Keep in mind that the price can and likely will go up if you are planning on creating any kind of decorative effects or patterns.

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