Slate Kitchen Flooring For A Really Unique Look

Multi-colored Slate Kitchen Floor
Slate kitchen flooring is like Rodney Dangerfield, no respect. Have you ever thought about using slate? Well, you really should if you are looking for the perfect floor. Unfortunately for whatever reason, it’s one of the least common types that people look for and it simply just doesn’t get the respect that it should indoors. It really is a fabulous idea because of it’s durability and extreme range of shapes and colors. This could very well be the final touch you put into your space to get the decor of your dreams.

After all, you want a floor that’s both unique and still beautiful but is durable enough to hold up. Solid wood floors are certainly beautiful, but really getting to be more of a commonplace (or at least the look) in homes across the country and they really aren’t an ideal solution for this area. Carpet would definitely be something different, but not really suited for the environment. Tiles, although useful, might end up looking just like all the other homes in your neighborhood. Slate flooring, on the other hand, could give your space the visual appeal and a durability you are after all wrapped up in a custom, unique kitchen floor that would make your neighbors green with envy.

Building a Unique Slate Floor

Black slate tile flooring in a kitchen
Slate flooring can be found in every color along the color wheel from white to black, and everything in between. In fact, it comes in so many colors there’s virtually no end to what you can do with it when designing your new space. Going for a more bold and striking look? Use black slate tiles to make your decor pop! Maybe you’d rather have a more contemporary, modernistic type approach? White slate tiles may just be what your after then. The good thing about it is that if you don’t want to completely overhaul your entire cooking area, you can get a slate kitchen floor to match just about any of your current decor from countertops to major appliances. You can even get creative by mixing and matching several different colors to make a floor that’s truly unique to you.

Color, though, is just one of the great attributes of using slate. You can also get slate floors in all kinds of shapes and sizes. For a really unique look, you could think about building a “Tetris” looking floor out of squares and rectangles of different shades. Simply piecing them together like a puzzle to cover you entire space would look fabulous. Want a more relaxed and playful atmosphere? What about an old Italian or Country appeal using irregular shaped slate tiles pieced together to make a wonderfully designed floor.

The Benefits Of Slate Floors:

  • Durability – These floors are tough and pretty much waterproof, so you don’t really have to worry about water spilling onto it and warping it or anything like that.
  • Slip Resistant – Slate is a naturally slip resistant. So if you do spill something on it you don’t really have to worry about falling to the floor if you step in it.
  • Stain Resistance – Although not naturally stain resistant, it does take to being sealed quite well. And once they are sealed you don’t have to worry about that spilled glass of red wine completely ruining your floor.
  • Very Little Maintenance – After installed and sealed, you won’t get a headache about thinking and keeping track of all the times you need to clean it. When they look dirty, all you have to do is quickly sweep it and wet mop it and all it’s beauty will shine through again.

The Sleek Look of a Slate Floor

One of the main things that you’ll hear from people who have slate floors is just how much it compliments the surrounding decor. It’s just so versatile that it will actually fit well with almost any decor that you can put with it. So if you really just want to replace the floor and not the countertops or cabinets, you may have just found the solution.

Caring For Your New Slate Flooring

slate kitchen flooringEven though your new slate floor may look extremely expensive, they really are very easy to maintain. From time to time, all you really need to do is just sweep it clean and mop it dry for it to maintain it’s shiny glow. However, just a couple times a year you will need to reseal the slate to protect it and help it keep it’s new floor shine. Don’t worry, sounds hard but it’s not any harder than mopping the floor. If you want to see what it would take to seal a slate floor, just click here.

Yes, a new slate floor can be a little expensive. But what you get for your money is a “real” floor. This isn’t a fake or faux type of floor. It’s real, it’s all natural, and like most any other all natural flooring material, there is a price tag that goes with it. The good thing is though it’s not one of the most expensive types of material that can be used in your home like a marble or granite floor could be. If you factor in that most floors last for decades, averaging it all out it’s really not that big of an investment. You can do it yourself but will likely be much more pleased with a professional installation as it can be tricky in certain scenario’s. All this said, new slate flooring is certainly a stunning an unique option you can have in your kitchen in no time.

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