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How To Lay Backer Board For Kitchen Tile

Before jumping in head first and laying out all that new kitchen tile, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to install some backer board first over your subfloor. Now, not all subfloors will need to have this, but some will. It will be up to you to decide knowing the condition of your subfloor to decide as to whether or not you would need this. If you are going directly over a concrete slab t ...

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Creating A Masterpiece With Ceramic Tiles For Kitchens

Ceramic tiles are not only durable, but they are both beautiful and practical. Using these tiles in kitchens can be a very smart decision simply because it can withstand all the abuse and punishment that can typically occur here from your normal, every day cooking activities; plus, it can stand up to all the heavy foot traffic as most family homes with people in and out of this area. You don't really have t ...

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Ceramic Tile Kitchen Flooring – Durable Floors

The moment you visualize having ceramic tile flooring, your overall appeal for the place will likely go up as well. Ceramic tile kitchen flooring makes any home look more presentable and neat. Most people these days prefer to opt for tile because most ceramic is resistant to common wear and tear and is considered comparable to other kind of high quality like hardwoods and natural stone. There are several ad ...

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