Creating A Masterpiece With Ceramic Tiles For Kitchens

Ceramic tile can turn most any drab kitchen into an instant tile floor masterpiece, if you use the right ceramic tile combination, colors and sizes
Ceramic tiles are not only durable, but they are both beautiful and practical. Using these tiles in kitchens can be a very smart decision simply because it can withstand all the abuse and punishment that can typically occur here from your normal, every day cooking activities; plus, it can stand up to all the heavy foot traffic as most family homes with people in and out of this area. You don’t really have to worry much using this type of floor as it’s not something that’s just breaking into the market, tiles have been around for centuries.

Ceramics have actually been used for a multitude of different purposes from vases to dinnerware to tools, and yes, one of those uses is actually as a floor. Through the years, people and manufacturers have been able to add to the manufacturing process of it to make them in a multitude of shapes and sizes with wonderful designs and colors. Now you are able to have a kitchen bursting with color from your new tiles. Add to it that it’s super easy to clean and you may have just found your solution for a new floor.

For kitchens specifically, this type of material makes for an ideal choice. But since most kitchens are now zones of major activity that doesn’t always involve cooking, why would you want ceramic tile? Well, first you have to go back to how the tile is actually made. First it’s formed from clay and then fired at a very high heat to cure. This firing process makes the clay hard and strong. Next, a glaze solution is then applied and baked on which adds to the tiles strength making it much less brittle and much more stable. This stability and resistance to moisture is what makes tile so durable as a floor and that is exactly the kind of durability that you would want it in your kitchen.

Create a beautiful custom ceramic kitchen floor by using different size ceramic tile flooringCreating A Beautiful Custom Ceramic Floor
Ceramic tiles are fashioned in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. This makes it super easy to create a custom floor out of the designs and patterns so that it is unique to you. All you have to do is use that creativity to find the perfect blend by mixing and matching the many different colors, shapes and sizes of ceramic tile. Before long, you’ll have a custom ceramic kitchen floor that you’ll be proud of. One design tip for using ceramic tiles, try and mix and match different shaped tiles to add both depth and texture to your new floor.

Ceramic tiles are often waterproof!
What this means to you is that when someone spills something, it won’t ruin your beautiful ceramic floor. Add to it that most ceramics are both fire and stain resistant and you’ve got a perfect combination for appropriate kitchen use. Throw in the fact that they are easy to maintain and keep clean and you’ve got yourself a bonus! Ceramic tiles will not require your attention the same way a wood floor would. All you really have to do to properly maintain them is just regular sweeping and mopping and they will stay as is, just as beautiful as the day you installed them.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Is An Investment!
You have to think of ceramic tiles as an investment, something like a 401k. They will likely last you a lifetime as they are so durable so be sure you make the proper choices in designs and colors. Don’t go so extreme on the colors that you are going to want to rip it out in five or so years because you are no longer in love with that deep purple! The initial investment in purchasing them and having them professionally installed will last forever so choose wisely.

As a floor covering, tile continues to grow in popularity year after year and for good reason. It’s natural, handcrafted look provides the appeal of a custom floor and is super easy to care for. Plus being able to work in high traffic areas and not lose it’s shine due to it’s durability makes it especially well suited for an area of the house like this. You can custom create your own design using the virtually limitless combinations of size, color and textures. It’s pretty easy to find a tile you like, you just need to make sure it’s the right one for you and rated for use in this area.

Can I Install It Myself?
On an overall project scale, it really just depends on the area that you are planning to do and the style of tiles you are planning to install. If you are going with straight forward 12×12 inch or 24×24 inch square tiles than it should be fairly easy to do. But if you are looking at more intricate patterns with varying sized squares going into an oddly shaped room, it can be a bit challenging to get it all to look right. But if you are comfortable with piecing everything together and making the appropriate cuts, then you should be confident enough to tackle the job. Remember, tiles are installed with a mortar and have to be followed up with a grouting application so it will take some time.

The biggest problem with installing tiles yourself is that there will likely need to be some fairly precise cuts made to get them all in place, especially along walls and corners and sometimes these can prove difficult.

Ceramic tiles are something that you don’t really have to worry about damaging and will literally last a long, long time. So if you are looking for a durable, long-lasting, beautiful floor, then you want to go with ceramic tile as they’ll add to the longevity of your purchase and be able to stand proud in this area.

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