Black and White Kitchen Flooring

When choosing floors for your kitchen it can be very difficult to know what colors and styles are going to work the best in your house. You do not want to be changing them every two or three years as a fashion statement, you want it to last a long time as it is typically a big investment. Just remember this, you are more likely to buy a newer car before you change your floors. Therefore you will want to choose wisely when it comes to color otherwise in a few years, it could end up looking very dated. However, you also want something that is considered ‘classic’ but not too old fashioned. Black and white kitchen flooring can fill this need quite well as it’s something that’s considered retro-classic but not old and will maintain it’s popularity for years. But just because it’s got a retro-appeal doesn’t mean it’ll look bad in a modern space! There are also other good reasons for choosing this style.

If you choose a colored floor and then decide a few years later that you want to brighten up the room by painting it a new color or add to it by purchasing some colored accessories to coordinate, one of your goals will be to make sure it blends well with the rest of the room. If you have a specific color on the floor, you may be limited to what you can choose as anything you change in the room will have to match this. However, using black and white will match just about any situation or color that you choose, making it that much easier later on to change the paint on the walls or even your cabinet doors to further enhance your style without having to replace your expensive flooring.

Black and white is a color scheme that can match anything. You can have cherry wood cabinet doors or any other color you might have currently and the floor will still blend in. The same can be said for your counters which will match whether you choose a bamboo, butcher block, marble or any one of the many options available as work tops these days.

It is likely that you are going to have chrome or white sink or taps. You will also have appliances like a fridge, dishwasher and maybe a washing machine. These also usually come in chrome or white. Therefore you won’t have to worry about whether these match you flooring, as a black and white flooring will match chrome or white.

Black and White Kitchen FlooringThere are lots of different patterns in black and white that you can choose from. You do not just have to be stuck with one pattern. Because of the advantages of this colour scheme there is a good choice of different patterns and materials you can have, so it is a lot less limiting than if you were going to try and choose an alternative colour.

Black and white floors are also a great color to keep really clean. Unlike some patterns that include shades of brown and grey mixed in, there is no doubt when the floor is dirty. This means that you will be able to know exactly when your floor needs cleaning and make sure that it stays clean and therefore much more hygienic. Colours that appear to hide the dirt mean that floors usually get a lot more dirty and covered in germs before they are clean which can make for a very unhealthy household.

With a floor as neutral as this in colour you can extend it into other rooms in your house so you have a nice consistent feel to the house. You can easily use it in your hallway, utility room and downstairs loo. This will give a nice sense of flow through the house and you wont have the awkward job of trying to make the patterns match or work together when you are moving from one room to another. There is nothing worse than an odd match in a doorway. Because of the colour you wont need to redecorate your other rooms, as whatever colour they are, they will match this lovely coloured flooring.

So you can see that black and white kitchen flooring is a great idea as it is timeless, matches any colour scheme you choose, easy to keep looking clean and can be copied throughout the rest of your house.


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