Armstrong Kitchen Flooring: Laminate, Vinyl, Commercial, Wood

Armstrong kitchen flooring is some of the best flooring material that you can get in your home. The kitchen is the place where you are going to get spills, going to have wear, and will likely see a very large amount of foot traffic on an everyday basis. Therefore it’s got to be beautiful as it’s going to be seen frequently, it’s got to hold up to the punishment that can be dished out, and be easy to maintain and clean. Let’s take a look at some of the different Armstrong floors that you could have in your home today.

Armstrong Laminate Kitchen Flooring

If you are looking to add that special touch, than this may be the floors you are looking for. First off, Armstrong laminates are simply beautiful and can be acquired in either a wood or stone look. So even if you are not really looking for a wood floor, you can still use these laminates to have a stone looking floor instead. They come in a variety of styles as well ranging from distressed and exotics to more traditional and hand-scraped laminate flooring.

Laminates are extremely versatile and durable and can be installed in virtually any room in your home including the kitchen. Add to it that it can be installed over just about any existing floor covering you may have already (with the exception of carpet) and that it can be found in all the most popular wood finishes, these laminates are ready to go in your home today.

One line of their laminates that I’m really quite partial too are there hand-scraped wood collection. If you are looking for something that is simply beautiful but still has a “I’m home” feel to it, do yourself a favor and check these out. They come in an ash, cherry, oak and walnut with finishes ranging from a deep prairie brown to an antiqued white wash walnut. What ever your decor is, one of these will match it.

They are very easy to install with their lock & fold installation method and most come with a lifetime residential warranty. Being easy though, doesn’t mean it’ll be quick. Even though they are perfect as a beginner DIY project, you’ll still need to take your time to do it right. Plan on a weekend although you may finish sooner.

Armstrong Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Armstrong vinyl flooring has been a favorite for a long time and for a reason. This vinyl flooring is both durable and super easy to clean making it a great choice for any kitchen. Plus, all the different patterns that Armstrong makes for this flooring ensures that you will find one that’s sure to fit in your kitchen.

Vinyl Armstrong flooring is extremely resilient. It comes in both a rolled sheet or tiles. They are actually quite soft when you walk on them compared to other vinyl’s and you can bet that they will not tear or rip. Plus with the addition of a peel and stick adhesive, these floors are easy enough for someone who has never laid a floor to put one down in no time.

Armstrong has taken some very innovative efforts into their vinyl flooring. Dependent on what floor you are looking at, you can get some added features that only come with the Armstrong brand. They are:

  • CleanSweep™ – This is a specially engineered finish that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. There’s no buffing or no waxing needed. It’s resistant to all stains and only needs the occasional sweeping and mopping to keep it clean.
  • CleanSweep™ Plus – All the same resilient properties of the original, but with added protection. When you need floors that are as tough as bulletproof glass, then you need the “Plus” which actually adds an extra layer of scratch resistance.
  • MasterWorks with VTx™ – Want a little texture to the floor? With this new patent-pending technology it gives Armstrong’s vinyl flooring a natural feel and realistic texture. This new technology is only available on vinyl Armstrong flooring.
  • TOUGHGUARD® Flooring – These are the toughest vinyl floors from Armstrong. These floors are designed to be extremely durable and last a long, long time. They are guaranteed not to rip, tear, gouge or indent under their warranty period for normal household use.

If you are looking for some amazing kitchen floors, you really should check out some of the vinyl from Armstrong. They have built some cutting-edge technology to manufacture some realistic designs that simulate beautiful floors that will look just like stone, wood or various other natural materials. One problem with most vinyl floors is that overtime they will get stained. With Armstrong though, you can rest assured that you will receive superior stain protection. Most all of their vinyl’s come with the CleanSweep protective coating and they even have some now that contain an antimicrobial protection which will also reduce all that odor-causing bacteria.

If you are looking for unique finishes as well as added quality measures, then you need to look no further than Armstrong. Just check out some of these styles that you can gain through this flooring:

  • Duality™ – has stunning 3D visuals along with fiberglass and ToughGuard® wear layers. You get real looking floors that have stain protection and durability.
  • CushionStep™ – when you’re on your feet all day in the kitchen or just need some extra cushion, this flooring has a cushion core for added comfort.
  • StrataMax – added durability with a 70% stone content in the base layer. These really hold down to the concrete.
  • Traditional Felt – contains their best-in-class stain protection, plus you get the added combination of ToughGuard to make it durable.

Armstrong Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Armstrong also produces a full line of commercial flooring that can be used in kitchens. There lineup includes everything from commercial hardwoods, laminates, to linoleum in a dazzling array of options. In fact, their newest line called Rejuvenations is a beautiful vinyl sheet flooring that comes in either wood, stone or natural finishes in 93 different patterns. With that, you really have endless options that you could choose from to get commercial grade floors.

Big Horn Oak - Commercial Flooring from ArmstrongArmstrong commercial hardwoods will provide you with the natural beauty of hardwood floors. Coming in a generous selection that includes everything from exotic to domestic wood species, you would have all the natural beauty of the outdoors right inside your home. There are really a few dramatic floor materials to look at in this collection that really create a splash and stand out. They are the Blue Ridge Maple, the Brandywine Hickory, and the Big Horn Oak. These charming floors are a bit darker but filled with a lot of detail and contrast to really give you the “WOW” factor. They use a proprietary staining and distressing technique that you can only get from Armstrong to give this engineered hardwood collection a decorative appeal.

Armstrong commercial laminate is just a step down from the hardwood collection but still extremely beautiful with it’s vibrant colors and textures to mimic that of real wood floors. Plus, adding in the extra measures of a Quiet Comfort underlayment, you can get all the same sound absorption that you would expect to find in solid floors as well.

If you’re worried about laminates because you’ve heard they can get scuffed and scratched, you don’t have as much to worry about with these. They have a durable commercial grade AC5 wear layer on top that will keep them from fading, scratching, scuffing and staining. This coating has been deemed as one of the toughest in the flooring industry.

As with all laminates, this commercial laminate flooring is just as easy to install with the same lock and fold system so there’s no glue and no mess. But will it hold up to the spills and accidents that happen in a kitchen? Even better, actually, as these have HydraCore Plus! What’s that? Basically it’s the way that Armstrong structures it’s laminate’s so that they perform well in resisting spills or wicking from the concrete slab or subfloor.

Armstrong Wood Flooring

Armstrong has a huge selection of wood flooring that you could use, 834 different kinds to be exact. They come in both solid wood and engineered construction. Plus with designs ranging from parquet to distressed and hand-scraped to traditional, you have the ability to choose which style and construction would fit your setting the best.

The Hickory – Woodland Chateau is an engineered hardwood is an example that could form a rather unique layout throughout your kitchen with the pattern that it comes in. As part of the Century Estate Herringbone collection, this hand-scrape design will be sure to make everyone who enters start asking you about it.
Armstrong Flooring - Woodland Chateau - Herringbone Collection

So now that you’ve decided on getting some quality Armstrong flooring for your kitchen, the very next thing is to figure out if you want to do-it-yourself or get a qualified Armstrong floor installer to do it. Check out this video to see whether depending on the flooring that you chose as to whether or not it’s a DIY or contractor project:

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