Using TrafficMaster Allure Flooring In Kitchens

Allure Kitchen Flooring In A Kitchen
Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. The cleanliness and orderliness of it all is sometimes linked to as a direct reflection of what kind of person you are. However, maintaining it can be very hard to do and very time consuming. Little drops of water and moisture concerns can damage the quality and appearance of the floor. Another issue that sometimes pops up are the scratches caused by the chairs, appliances, furniture, and children roaming around. Good thing is that we can make our space as elegant and classy without spending a ton of money. Allure flooring is definitely the best option for those who want to make their kitchens look good and luxurious at a very affordable price. At the same time, using allure floors this type of setting can also bring assurance to you as a homeowner that you have a durable and strong floor.

Allure Is Both Durable and Strong

We know that most of the homeowners want to keep their floor dry in these areas because most of them are not durable enough to resist moisture. The good thing about using Allure is that it can endure moisture and flooding which tends to be one of the biggest worries a homeowner has. We also know the fact that this area is very prone to water damage caused from leaking sinks and other liquids that can be spilled on the floor like juices, condiments and whatever other kind of refreshment you may have there. So, using Allure here will guarantee you strong and durable flooring as it’s manufactured to protect against that. Plus, another great quality of this product is that scratches are also very few and unnoticeable.

Elegant and Easy To Maintain Allure Floors

The kitchen floor is a huge and important design statement in your home. Allure being made of a vinyl material is perhaps the most popular type of material to use in this area. One of the reasons why a lot of people use Allure here is that it is very easy to maintain and keep nice and clean. In short, your time will not be constantly consumed by having to continuously clean it. At the same time, the overall finish of the product ranks up their with the best of them. The vibrant colours and embossing look of the Allure adds to the finish and class of the flooring. It’s one of those floors that just really feels like it’s natural.

But is it expensive?

Allure can be purchased for a very low and affordable price per square feet making it a great option for homeowners and their kitchens. Compared to installing hardwood, if you check the prices there you’ll find that you got of rather cheap. These other types of floors like solid wood or stone which are more expensive can also come with several issues like not being moisture resistant or exuding an unusual odor. With Allure though, you will not experience any of these issues.

Allure Flooring In The KitchenSo what are you waiting for? Knowing what you know now you could easily make the decision to install TrafficMaster Allure as your floor of choice. It’s both durable and pretty while installation is very easy and can be done in virtually no time at all. The isntallation will not be exhausting like it can be for ceramics and you don’t have to wait for things to dry before you move to the next step. Before you install it though, be sure that you place the boxes of Allure in the area where they are to be installed. This is actually a really important step because the material will need to adjust to the rooms temperature to avoid any problems with expansion and contraction. Also, before you lay down that first plank, make sure that the floor is clean and straight. If your area has an odd shape like it is round or oval in places, it will make the installation a little more tricky.Whatever you do, do not install it over an area that has bumps or protrusions. They will show through the finished product eventually. So, just be sure that you will install it in a smooth surface.

When installing, you don’t need to use a glue, screw or even nails. This is one of the better features of this style that I’m in love with. The planks actually have built in strips of glue that joins with the adjoining plank. It is strongly recommended to roll the the seams after the installation. This will help the planks seal and adhere together better. If you do not have a roller, you can just walk on the seams as well but a roller would be best. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for a long time. The cohesiveness on the grip strip needs heat to enable the glue to make it work and stick. It will not work if you are in a colder temperature. Protect your furniture by installing floor protection felt pads to avoid scratching and scuffing.

Lastly, you should not wax the floor because this will cause build-up of dirt and yellowish discoloration over time. That’s it. Just follow these instructions and you should take note of the several reminders that we have given you. By implementing all the tips here, this flooring will give you more than a decade of elegance in your kitchens.

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